Program Choices

Birthday Parties


We have so much fun at birthday parties! We bring 8-10 live animals and always include a large snake or alligator. This program is very hands on with all the kids getting an opportunity to handle the creatures. For those who are a bit hesitant to hold snakes and gators, the fluffy chinchillas and comical ferrets will certainly put them at ease.  We encourage you to send us a list of the live animals you would like to have visit for your birthday party.  We can not guarantee that we will be able to bring everyone on your list; however, we will do our best to bring as many as possible.  


"If I Ran the Rainforest"


This wonderful "Cat in the Hat" Learning Library book was the inspiration for our live animal program of the same name. In this program, we read this wonderful book and introduce our live animals as they are presented in text. We also use several props to help kids visualize the vocabulary words used in this lyrical children's book.


The Rainforest


This is our signature show with 8-10 rainforest live animals providing the teaching tools for this popular program. In this overview, we discuss all aspects of the rainforests from the layers that make up for forest to their locations around the world to the dangers that threaten the fragile ecosystem.


The Brazil Nut Tree


This rainforest program is designed for grades 3 and up. This well structured program focuses on the Brazil nut tree as the center of a rainforest ecosystem. It covers the basics of the layers of the rainforest to the interdependence of plant/animal species. A wide variety of exotic animals are used, from macaws and coatis to tree porcupines and boa constrictors. Students will leave this program with a sense of wonder for the natural environment from the rainforest to the world.


Animals Around the World


Come take a trip around the world with us and find out where our live animals come from. This program explores the diverse habitats of our planet and the animals that live within them. See why some animals are well suited for certain areas and why some are not.


The Nature of My Backyard

This popular program explores the lives of the creatures living in our own backyards. Meet some of the common animals that we encounter every day.



NEW! Hey, Frogs - What Planet Are You From?



Please note that there is an additional $25.00 travel charge for programs more than 20 miles from our facility in Littleton, Massachusetts. If the distance is over 50 miles, please call for travel costs. Thank you!



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