Creature Teachers

Richard Roth has lived his whole life with animals. His father, Charles Roth, was Director of Education and Chief Naturalist for the Massachusetts Audubon Society for many years. Bobcats, fishers and alligators in the house seemed normal to Rick. Educated as an Aquaculturist, Rick has had a fairly diverse career with one common denominator...Animals. He has been the director for several small zoos and has a great reputation as a wildlife artist. Prior to starting Creature Teachers, he held the position locally as Curator of Marine fishes for a large corporation. With years of educational experience under his belt, Rick has determined that outreach programs are a great way to reach people from all walks of life and has made these programs his passion.

Sara Roth, like her father ,Rick Roth, has grown up in a house full of animals.  It was not uncommon for her to come home from school and play with a grey fox, porcupine, skunk or any number of different animals.  She decided at a very young age that she wanted to work with animals.  Sara is a graduate of Becker College with a degree in Animal Care. She is also a certified dog trainer.  When she is not working for The Creature Teachers, Sara works in a dog daycare.  It is our hope that Sara will one day take over The Creature Teachers.




Nancy Melbourne learned to appreciate animals and nature from a very early age, growing up with numerous pets and a mother who rehabilitated injured and orphaned wildlife.  She has also raised birds for over 30 years.  A 37-year veteran classroom teacher, Nancy brings her enthhusiasm for animals and love of teaching to her programs.  Working for Creature Teachers allows her to combine her greatest passions:  animals and children.



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