About Us 

The Creature Teachers is a family owned live animal business specializing in environmental and animal education. Our goal is to fascinate our audiences with the wonders and diversity of the animals that share our planet. Whether it is a birthday party, scout troop or school, our approach is fun and casual, making every Creature Teachers visit memorable.

Our educators have years of experience with both animals and people. This enables us to "read" an audience and customize our live animal program to meet any special needs or requests. Our emphasis is on providing an enjoyable educational atmosphere for all.


At The Creature Teachers we take great pride in making sure our animals have the best care possible. Every animal at The Creature Teachers is captive born and raised. This ensures less stress and health problems. Our state of the art facility, although not open to the public, allows us to provide both physical well being and mental enrichment for all our creatures. This ensures healthy, friendly animals for every program. Let us show you the difference happy animals and experienced staff can  

Littleton, MA  01460 ** (978) 952-0020 **  thecreatureteachers@hotmail.com